Why strong passwords matter

I blogged a few days ago about creating and remembering strong passwords. Now the issue has become very topical.

Here in Finland we just had a case this morning where the user names and passwords of the users of a popular gaming site ended up being publicly distributed on the net.  Over 100 000 user accounts were exposed. Now anyone who may have been using the same user name and password for other online services may have all their accounts exposed.  This goes to show how important it is to have unique passwords for all the different services you use on the web.

On a related topic, The Register reported that one in four school kids in England admit to hacking. The way they do this is by, very simply, guessing at their friends’ passwords. So don’t use your pet’s name, street address, boyfriend’s birthday or anything that can be easily guessed.

With these latest events I would like to urge everyone again to take the time to use a system that creates strong and unique passwords.  This is especially critical for any online services where personal information about you is available.

Safe surfing everyone! 🙂

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