Who should you share your password with?

You’ve probably heard the news that employers in the United States have been asking for job applicants’ Facebook accounts. The ACLU has said that users should not provide it and so has Facebook.

As Billy on our Facebook page points out, asking for a private password would certainly violate the rights of citizens of the European Union. And even in a country where this might be legal, it seems to violate every notion of both privacy and security.

As a basic rule, you should not share your passwords with anyone. For the accounts that matter to you the most, you should choose a unique password that cannot be guessed. We recommend this system.

Lawmakers in the US have tried to make sharing a password to a content site such as Netflix illegal. But might there be some instances where you’d want to share your password.

For instance, 1 out of 10 people in the United Kingdom reported that they included their passwords to their online accounts in their will. And certainly some couples share their passwords with each other. And some parents make sure they know their kids’ passwords. These personal reasons for sharing passwords are up to a family’s discretion.

But when it comes to professional life, no one needs to know your password – including your boss.

Can you think of a situation when you’d share your password with an employer?



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